Saturday 16 Nov, 2019

Début de l'événement : 9h00

Campus HEP Education

16 Boulevard Général de Gaulle, 44200 Nantes

Peter O’Neill présent pour le 1er MeasureCamp de Nantes

On l’annonce c’est officiel, Peter O’Neill, nominé dans la catégorie des “MOST INFLUENTIAL INDUSTRY CONTRIBUTOR” au niveau mondial par la Digital Analytics Association et qui plus est créateur de MeasureCamp sera présent au 1er MeasureCamp de Nantes. Il y présentera la conférence suivante :

Title: 10 Analytics Tips for Greater Insights

Description: The best way to use Digital Analytics tools is not as they were intended. Over the years, I have learnt and invented a lot of tricks and hacks for getting more value out of your analytics tools and how to generate more money from the insights these tools provide. In the 30 minutes allocated, I will share 10 of my best tips that anyone can go away and apply to their own business. If I speak fast, you may even get a couple of extra tips.

Bio: Peter O’Neill has been working in Digital Analytics Analytics for 10 years, running L3 Analytics for 6 years and most importantly, was the original founder of MeasureCamp. Warning that this talk will be in Australian…

Ré-ouverture prochaine de la billetterie

Lundi 26 septembre à 15h00, sur eventbrite, attention les places vont partir très vite.


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